Needle Case - Black - Hide & Hammer
Needle Case - Black - Hide & Hammer
Needle Case - Black - Hide & Hammer
Needle Case - Black
Needle Case - Black
Needle Case - Black - Hide & Hammer
Needle Case - Black - Hide & Hammer
Needle Case - Black - Hide & Hammer
Needle Case - Black
Needle Case - Black

The ultimate black leather needle case.

HIDE & HAMMER  -  Needle case - Black


These beautiful needle cases are available in black and brown, there are three sections, a needle section at the bottom, in the centre you will find a popper close cable storage area and then at the top a popper close pocket for needle gauges and accessories.

These needle cases have been designed with the user in mind, they are available in two styles, these styles relate to the number of needle pockets at the bottom of the case… a 6 pocket version holds needle up to a size 5mm UK (8 US ) and the 5 pocket needle case will hold needles up to a size 7mm UK (10.5 US ).

The needles are friction fitted into the bottom of the case so you can push and pull them out of the pockets. This does mean that the pockets are tight to start off with but will ease and stretch with time. (Additional note for 6 pockets) - The needle cases pictured have 5 needle slots, I’ve not been able to photograph the 6 slot version yet but they are exactly the same with the exception of the spacing on the stitched pockets that hold the needles.


Needle Case - Black#05 - Dark Blue Leopard Caddy


Premium handmade needle case


Our expanding roll top design keeps your project safe as well as providing all the necessary expansion to house a variety of sized items from socks to Jumper projects. 


The quality of our fittings is of the up most importance, these solid brass fittings are made in one of the UK's remaining foundries.

All of the leather we use in the workshop has been meticulously sourced, sorted and graded to give you that buttery soft warm leather feel when you fist pick up your bag.


Each bag has 5 pockets, An A5 pocket across the back of your bag and 4 pockets on the front to house your notions, spare needles, crochet hooks and pens or pencils.


With years of experience, we make your bags using hand and machines in tandem. Each bag is made with care and a high attention to detail meaning you are receiving nothing but the best from us and our decades of combined leather working experience.


In 2017, bag maker and designer Nu created the #03 roll top - the now iconic project bag. Our popular signature design can be used for small to larger projects and everything inbetween, these classics have become a must have for knitters all over the world, hand made with premium materials, these versatile bags are for the type of women and men that love to create.

The Material

English Made Canvas

Our canvas is produced by one of the oldest running mills in the England. They have been at the forefront of canvas and oilskin production for decades, selected for it's long lasting strength and durability this canvas knitting bag will last you a lifetime.