Here you will find a series of useful links and some of our most frequently asked questions to help your customers choose the best back for them from our Hide & Hammer range. 

New Stockist? Here's Our Best Sellers - 

If you are new to selling Hide & Hammer bags the chances are you found us due to the popularity of out #03's roll top bags. It is no surprise then that we recommend these as a great starting point to offer your customers. 

Our best selling colours are Berry, Mustard and Tartan. These sell well all year round and if you are unsure where to start a great first order with us would be 5 of each or the #03's in the Berry, Mustard and the Tartan. 

Merchandising Advice - 

From some of the shows that we've done and our experience handling our products these are some of the display tips that we've found work best. 

Frequently Asked Questions - 

What Size?

 Our bags are designed to fit a variety of projects, here is an outline to the capacity of each bag. 

#01 - Small - works as a great notions pouch or small baby hat knit/socks project bag

#01 - Medium - Shawls 2-300g fingering weight projects

#01 - Large - 7-800g with the back zip pocket for patterns and notions

#02 - Sock Bag - 50-100g sock bag 

#03 - Roll Top Bag - 600g project bag great for socks and sweaters. 

#06 - Linen Tie Top Bag - 600g + super storage bag as well as a bag liner and organiser

#07 - Bucket Bag - socks and hats optimum use about 150g

#08 - Small Roll Top Bag - Best around 300g 

#11 - (Available for wholesale 2023) over 3KG of year - Blankets.


How do I wash my bag?

Our dry oilskin bags are all water resistant but washable at 30 degrees too. You can machine wash them on a cool cycle but in order to preserve the water resistant properties we recommend washing by hand. Reproofing your Hide & Hammer bag is easy we recommend using Nikwax cotton proof. cotton proofing spray can be provided in boxes of 12 but owing to different import rules we've found Nikwax to be a good universal option. 

My cat has eaten a strap... can I get a replacement?

 Not the first time we've been asked this, yes you can get a replacement for all of your straps especially the #03's. Each Hide & Hammer bag is designed with longevity in mind.