Antiracist Policy 


  1. Definition of racism: Racism in any form will not be tolerated at Hide and Hammer. Racism includes, but is not limited to, prejudice, discrimination, bias, or stereotyping against individuals or groups based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, language, or culture. This includes overt forms as well as microaggressions (subtle forms of racism). It also includes the institutional and systemic discrimination of ethnic minorities (including white ethnic minorities), whether consciously or unconsciously.
  1. Commitment to antiracism: We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and antiracist environment that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion for all members of staff, our clients and customers. We recognise and understand the ongoing harm caused by systemic racism, and we are committed to addressing these issues in all aspects of our operations.
  1. Reporting and response procedures: Staff who experience or witness any form of racism are encouraged to report the incident to the appropriate person/department, such as their line manager or Human Resources. Reports can also be submitted anonymously. The company will investigate all reports of racism, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against perpetrators.
  1. Education and training: All staff members of the company will receive training on antiracism, cultural competence, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. This includes mandatory training for new recruits and volunteers, as well as ongoing professional development opportunities for all members of staff.
  1. Accountability: The company will establish accountability mechanisms to ensure that the policy is being followed, and that there are consequences for violations. This includes regular monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the policy, as well as establishing a system for holding individuals and departments accountable for their actions related to antiracism.
  1. Recruitment and retention: The company is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse range of staff and ensure the onboarding process is robust and evokes a sense of belonging. This includes proactively establishing outreach programs to attract diverse candidates, providing resources to support underrepresented groups, and creating an inclusive hiring process that ensures equitable opportunities for all candidates.
  1. Ongoing evaluation and improvement: This company is committed to ongoing evaluation of the antiracist policy to identify areas for improvement and ensure that the policy remains relevant and effective over time. This includes engaging with staff for feedback and suggestions, and updating the policy as needed to ensure it is addressing the most pressing issues related to racism.

By implementing an antiracist policy, our company is taking a proactive step towards creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all staff members and our customers. We recognise that achieving this goal will require ongoing effort and collaboration, and we are committed to making this a top priority for our company.

This policy is provided by Strawberry Words Training Company. You can view their antiracism services and courses here.