Setting up your tag

Thank you for purchasing a H&H leather tag, there are a number of things you can do with your tag... But first let me show you how to personalise your tag.

First up you will need an NFC tag writing app. I recommend 'NFC Tools' it's a simple and easy to use free app.

You can skip to the video at the bottom of this page...

Link your tag to a website

Use the 'write' function on your NFC app. Add your website where prompted and click continue. The app will ask you to hold the tag to your phone. It will then write the data to your tag.

Once completed it gives you a tick (this thats a couple of seconds) you can now check your tag works by holding it back up to your phone again.

On an apple phone - the NFC tag reader it at the top of the phone.

On an android phone - the NFC tag is usually in the middle of the phone. You may need to google your specific device and make sure NFC reader is turn on in settings (next to bluetooth settings)

Using your tag as a business card

To set up your tag as a business card you will need a website address with your contact details on. I recommend LinkTree as you can add contact details, websites and social media profiles and they offer free accounts. then follow the above steps to link to a website.

Writing data to your new tag