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Black Mountain Yarn Shop

shop spotlight

Black Mountain Yarn Shop

Established in 2010, located in historic downtown Black Mountain, North Carolina, BMYS is a fabulous yarn store that specialises in stocking luxury yarn from around the world.

Owned by the wonderful Danni (who has stocked our bags for many years now), when we asked her for a little background on the store she sent this lovely extract below:

"My hope is that you’ll come to our shop to escape for a while, browse through all the beautiful yarn and meet some fantastic people.

You’ll find all the yarn, tools, accessories, notions and books that you’ll need for any project right here in our Local Yarn Shop... and now you'll find apparel fabric, sewing accessories, and roving to boot!

Whether you love knitting, spinning, crochet or sewing... if you love Fiber, you have come to the right place!"

Last month BMYS celebrated its 14th Anniversary.  Can you share more about the amazing event you held in store?

Our Anniversary event this year was extra special. I felt extremely grateful that Andrea Mowry, Rachel Price and Kate Burge from Spincycle were able to help us celebrate.  We hosted a knit night with private shopping appointments with all 3 of them. Andrea did a I'll Knit If I Want To workshop. Participates where able to submit questions ahead of time. Kate and Rachel popped in at the end.  I had a great time hosting the event and seeing everyone knitting together. 

 What is the best part about owning a yarn store?

The best part of owning for me is helping customers pick out the perfect yarn and colours for their projects.  I love when customers tag us on IG with their FOs in yarn I helped them pick out. Meeting online customers in person at events or if they visit the shop always brings me joy.  Another great perk of owning the shop is if I have a needle or yarn emergency I have the keys to the shop. 

What do you feel are your biggest challenges about running your own business?

My biggest challenge is balancing everything... family, friends and finding  the time to still be able to make and do all the things. 

Please share a little about your shop team at the store.

I am so grateful for the team and camaraderie that we have. We all do all of the fiber crafts. Knitting, crochet, sewing and spinning. It's so nice to be able to help and inspire each other. We also have other makers in the building that felt, sew, do flower arrangements, and we always feed off of each other and have fun craft nights. 

As a H&H wholesale stockist- what customer feedback do you receive about our bags? 

Everyone loves the versatility of the bags. They love that it can fit bigger projects and stuff some extra stuff in there. The handles are great for when you're knitting and walking.

When and how did you start knitting? 

I started knitting when I was six years old and basically have not put my needles down since. I went to the Waldorf School as part of the curriculum in first grade to learn. I sanded my first pair of knitting needles in shop class.  No one in my family knits so I figured things out along the way.  I  am originally from New York and I had great LYS (unfortunately it is not open) that really helped me along the way. Knitting has been such a gift in my life, helping me to reduce stress, get through some tough times and leading me to some amazing people!  I also sew and recently over the past year and half started spinning and loving the process. 

 Current WIP? 

Right now I am working on the Pressed Flowers by Amy Christoffers. I am using two of our custom colorways from  Spincycle First Light and La Bien Aimee Lisianthus. I just started a test knit for Tori YU using Farmer Daughter Fibers Bear Paw sock in Daddy State of Mind. 

How many Hide & Hammer bags do you own?

I have 15 Hide & Hammer bags. 

Fun fact- I had been a Hide and Hammer fan from the start. I have one of Nu’s original bags when the handles did not have snaps. :)

For further information about visiting Danni and her team at BMYS - please click here.