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The Modern Skein

shop spotlight

The Modern Skein

Established in July 2017 first as an online store, The Modern Skein opened its doors as a yarn store in Montgomery, Texas, in March 2018.

The Modern Skein is here to show you that no matter your age, background, or generation you might fall into, you too should have access to the finest, modern, up-to-date, yarn and fiber, notions, and accessories available. 

Owned by the wonderful Sharon, who has kindly shared her story with us and answered our questions below.

What is the best part about owning a yarn store?

Besides having an endless yarn stash?! Helping customers pick out yarns and create projects they love. 

What do you feel are your biggest challenges about running your own business?

It's not just getting to sit and knit all day contrary to popular belief! Not only am I a yarn store owner, but also a website manager, shipping manager, social media content creator, cleaner, decorator, and basically many many hats! I do try to carve time out even in the shop to get a few rows each day. 

Please share a little about your shop team at the store?

At the moment we have Ceili (pronounced Kaylee) working part time while she is in college. A few days a month we have Cathie help out for special events or if I am out of town, who's full time job is working as a dyer for a local brand, Red Stag Fibre. 

When and how did you start knitting?

I taught myself to knit when I was 7 from my great grandmother's knitting books from Canada and England, (she was Canadian with Welsh Heritage) and my grandmother helped me with a bind off, and I was off! I also learned to crochet from my mom around that time and went back and forth over the years. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I really dove into knitting again and later in my early twenties discovered Ravelry from a local yarn shop and the rest was history! 

Current WIP? 

Many!! Currently I have the Miles Tee by Ozetta, Stripetastic by Max the Knitter, Fogline by Brianne Moody, Vacation Vest by ParkNKnits, Copenhagen Cardigan by Petite Knit

How many Hide & Hammer bags do you own?

5… 2 retreat bags, the brown leather bum bag, one 08 and one 03. 

Which is your favourite colour bag in the #03 Hide & Hammer roll top range?

Classic Black, with the Cobalt a very close second!

What type of knitting/creative/work bag do you feel you need next in your life? 

Oh probably a big tote bag for all the projects! I have been eyeing the New Midnight blue tote...

What Fiber Festivals will you be attending this year?

The shop will be vending at DFW Fibre Fest in Dallas TX in September again for the 3rd year.  

Personally I am also attending Flock in Seattle for the first time, along with SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in North Carolina) later in the fall. 

What in-store events do you have planned for 2024?  

We typically have a trunk show from a hand dyer once a month in the shop, sometimes for a single day, others for a week or so! We post about them on our Instagram and website so always be watching!  

April 27th is Local Yarn Store Day in the states so we are hosting a fabulous semi-local dyer specializing in naturally dyed fibers, a mimosa bar, and other new products!

We also have a wide community of people around the US and other countries so we do a lot of virtual things, IG lives on Tuesdays and Fridays, Community Make-a-longs with IG group chats and zooms, and Community meet ups at fiber festivals we attend. 

For further information about visiting Sharon and her team at the Modern Skein store in Texas, click here

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