The #03 iconic roll top has a lot of pockets, for a knitting bag you might think that 5 pockets is a little excessive but let me explain to you why 5 (in this case) is the magic number.

Front Pockets

Across the front of your bag you will find three narrow pockets, these are (as I'm hoping you will find out) perfect for needle tips, crochet hooks (even the rounder furls style hooks), pens, pencils and short rulers... It's safe to say that even though these three pockets are small they are mighty! Next to these there is a pocket half the width of the bag, I use this pocket to hold my magnetic leather cuff or envelope pouch with my scissors in. 

Back Pocket 

This pocket runs the length of your bag it's an excellent pocket for those of us that really like to print out our patterns (because I just can't keep track otherwise! I need to write on my patterns). This pocket takes a few sheets of A4 folded to A5, or a thin A5 notebook. You can also add a leather pocket pouch to your bag too, these are excellent for all of your crafting bits and pieces, I keep a collection of stitch markers in mine as well as row counters and all the shells my daughter tells me that I NEED to keep safe for her... somehow they always end up in my knitting bag. 


June 15, 2023 — Fionnghuala Shearman

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